The April 30th public hearing on Adventure Park was a 11-hour marathon. About 250 people showed up for the public testimony portion and over 70 people spoke. Except for a few, residents spoke eloquently about all the reasons why this project should be denied. The rest of the day was taken up with testimony, cross-examination and rebuttals among the three parties to the proceedings: Friends of Leavenworth, the City of Leavenworth and the developers of Adventure Park. Mr. Andrew Kottkamp conducted the hearing professionally and fairly. He will announce his decision on May 21st.

So, we are waiting and hoping for a positive outcome.

There has been great coverage of Adventure Park in the Wenatchee World. There was a beautifully written editorial by Kelli Scott on April 26th titled, “Turning the Creator’s Beauty into Disneyland.” This was followed by another editorial by Rufus Woods on May 9 calling for a community dialog to talk about the future of Leavenworth. He asked, “Should the only measurements for community success be the number of tourists and the amount of money they spend?”

And today, May 10th, the editorial board of the Wenatchee World came out in opposition to the Adventure Park project. We appreciate this affirmation of the community’s efforts to stop this development.

As soon as we receive notice of the Hearing Examiner’s decision we will update this website and also send an email out to those on our mailing list.

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